Froggo Zijgeb (croak108) wrote,
Froggo Zijgeb


<>2010`7`02F 11. Loe Md breef. Ih was too floppose tu goe uot. Pig:Wit came tu the winndow @r3, dhen ih goy tu hyz abode. In an uor or soe ih was flop-free, soe ih got redy and goy tu HeahtSploj. Elacjne, KAAML, Claude; Boosh; James Matter:nic. Sabhbha told Kaaml & Elacjne bt Caroline the Stranj: wunce when Sabhbha while in c"n wi Caroline bie I`M, made 3 mis:takes; Caroline annuonced `t the c"n was oqfer; grumpation. We left after 11.
. D`was recjn when ih reached Padd`gn. Ih reached the platform @11:57§. Iwz in luck: the trecjn was delacjed , and was expected in q\uor. Stripy r`up @MN???: the kitten meweth a great deal; Croaw was watchyng a flick soe like shut up; meet in the huose in 10mnt;
. A fox emitted an awFul noizz in the garden soe ih goy dhere for tu chase the bugger a:wecj. Dhen ih goy tu the frunt, and loe Stripy was openyng the l`room dowr; ace bluddyqx timance `t fox. We fed Sparks & Frecjdï. A new black cat came a:loang soe we fed him too. Stripy cleaned her hats dhen ,at mygh recommendation, dyde dhem up in a sack. And dhen she took her wash:ment hoam. She r\up @MN12 12m47.
<>2010`7`03R 11. And p\well statim, ih got redy , and goy tu HxH. zDuffy was the T```; *** hahd noe idea whedher the Loj hahd a suppliqxe of the rtl. Soe ih got on wi prinntyng it. The LexMark mysheen broke duon. Dhen it churned uot 6 extra copyxz of p1 and a copye of 1 & 2. Prezznt:ly it churned uot an extra copye of p19 dhen jammed it:self dhere:wi. Ih got the rtl redy in time for F```B```. zSRo yz the i```g```. She took the fresh:ly-made copyxz of the rtl tu the Neophytes. Later ih met the neophytes: zNusha [unCn] and her mudhyr! zNusha h``been attendyng F```B``` for 5^^! Choozyng tu be ;i```d at the same time azz a parent?; ih don't get it. zSRo expressed a wyshe tu conuhecj mee, clear:ly wi Hammer:Smith qxgen in mind. Ih s\\t ih was thynkyng of getyng supplie in WacjtRoze, soe she conuhecjed me tu WacjtRoze. Ih got hoam ymb 10 , and flopped in:tu bed.

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