Froggo Zijgeb (croak108) wrote,
Froggo Zijgeb


<>2010`8`12H 10:04. Charrjance & transcript alwl dacj. Keqfin came in breef:ly. Md came in less breef:ly. Tu George's. Munch. Ih hahd chips wiqf cheez: it was riht tastyqx; must doo it regular:ly.
<>2010`8`13F Bum`Face ruozed mee @8:51. Prezznt:ly Md came tu the huose `t we goe tu PMD tgedhr. Charles the lawcjr's pure bald - ih look fax:ful bie comparissn.
. Charrjance. @MD39 S1 at the dowr, soe ih opened it: Pig:Wit; owe shit it's him. He was in l`room thrice moar eeqfn tu fech another load_ tu drycj boath loads_ and tu collect boath loads (which hee dyde in 1 goe).
. Ih telephoned Ruth Boge @5t8§ AS 20s. Ih telephoned Saw:brydg @5p8§ NR. Ruth Boge r\up @xp9§: her dogs 2 fm when sheewz m`d tu an oaf, Penï, Marsy;; in ?March a prospect rhang the bell at 5t5§ and sedd Doo yw haqfqf a uhacancy for tn?; Ruth Boge wasnt clear whedher the prospect meant what was left of `t niht or the next niht soe shee goge tu the frunt , and got dhere in time tu see the prospect getyng in:tu her karr tu leaqf the place; 52m33.
<>2010`8`14R Ih woke up feelyng crud; xt2. Aspirin; charrjance, and ih stecjed in l`room. NF`Neck feched cloathes tu the washo. SM tu Stripy @2PM Cjestr:dacj ih met a lawcjr bt DLA. Thanks Stripy, it wuldnt h`happened sinj dhye help. Miaow x_x_x[]
. Stripy r\up @9:12§: sheez real pleased at the mg; 20m04. @10PM Croaw came duon the steps tu l`room eeqfn bearyng Stripy's cloathes for wash. SM fm Stripy _23:43:06 BBD_:22:43:13 Dear B* pls don't wacjt up =for mee , [? ; or new sentence] i`l be dhere bt 1PM & [= , and] =dhuow sleep Bunnykinnz x[] Fun`Beam came hoam jusst after ih got back fm George's Munch.

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