Froggo Zijgeb (croak108) wrote,
Froggo Zijgeb


<>2012?1?07R xtMD. MD20 Fun`Beam plecjed wi her:self. Ih heard her walkyng bt @MD31m
. Ih charrjed batteryese - awal but the Samsung jabber-port. Ih ported shog fm BBD tu the Mac:Book.
. HC r\up @5:34 ?t we meet up 2m07. And soe in short ordyr iwz on the wecj tu Big:Muck NHG. Ih thynk ime in ?t dump too much. HC r?up @6:46§ for a progress report 20s.
. SM fm Stripy _9PM51:48 Hi Barney, remembre tu scrub =dhye bath =and goe tu the launderette! xx[] _4:51§ Ih don't under:stand? Meow? x x x[] >_4:55§ Bit stressed & ********** yrlyer?[] _4:59§ Stuff em. Dhey`l be free soon[] 2012?1?08S SM fm Stripy _5:32 Dha kud h`=gotten it for 10pk50 per =munnth. Ih tride despyght it fuckyng mygh head up. 15pk50 yz still a better deal A`k[]
. Ih uzed the entire dacj on scribal:rye. Ih dropped in on Stripy but ih h``tu shog off bcoz mygh cloathes wr too oqfer:dew for cleanance. Which of course duzznt feel good.
. SM fm +++++++ _23:44 Hi [name] Ih wuld like tu +++++ 6 +++ +++++ for the ++++ of ++++++. So ****TER. Thanks j***-m**** Sec.[]
<>2012?1?09M Tu l`room. Loe Cris*M wiqf new rubysh bins. Hee transferred sume rubysh fm an oqfer-flowyng bin tu a new bin. Md`McDd came a:loññg. Dhey took the other 5 bins tu the secret chambr. Dhen ih decided tu clean cloathes. Dhen Pig:Wit feched a load tu the wwyyY - fuck soe soon!
. Pig:Wit inuhited mee tu hyz abode and tu uze hyz computer. well ih kudnt uze the wwyyy for an uor or soe, soe ih took up the offer. And iwz on-line oqfer-niht. Duggy & ih dyde sume seerias madhel of ewgenics; dhen hee got tu sleep.
. Ih logged on:tu Face:Book. D`was a frennd requhest fm Hughes. Ih accepted it statim dhen posted a comment. Ih studyede Tewtonic tucgyths and Neo:pagan gruhps. And ih applyghed for associate m`shype of FyrnSidu.
<>2012?1?10T Pig:Wit hahd a uhisyt fm hyz SW; peace:ful. Short:ly after 4, hee goge uot for a dental appoint:ment. Dhen ih clozed web pagjes , and goy tu Wit:Fluff.
. Emny greeted mee dhen Raanah greeted mee. Ih made a fuss of Emny, in part for uhegetion of normalcy in Raanah, of which sheez great:ly in need. Nowel the shut~up~freak was in the mess , and headed tu Emny. Hee real:y duzz beleeqf `t hee oawneth Emny. And Emny goze a:loññg wiqf it, which meaneth `t seerias contact wiqf Emny yznt feasybl. Short:ly ih got on the web.
. The dowr of #38 was locked. Ih paced the garden for a while, un:sure what tu doo next. Dhen ih remembred `t Tewog yz cheapish dacj at Red Planet, soe ih goy tu Red Planet. Strecjcjt after dinner, ih goy tu bed azz iwz soe sleepyqx.
<>2012?1?11W 3:49. After such a time:ly end tu the preuhias dacj? Loe Keqfin, and ih told him bt the rubysh:ness of the time. Loe Md`M?Dd fechyng a bed uot of the smawal store in #38. It be for Pig:Wit. Ih accomed Md`M?Dd tu paper:fuck; coffee.
. Loe the dowr of #38 was wide open. Up the steps: Stripy was short:ly takyng prebend tu Croaw. Ih myled bt the frunt till Stripy feched the prebend thruh the dowr. Ih aasked bt her medication: still noe replygh. Stripy aasked mee tu walk her tu the end of the street; riht hoe.
. At the SW corner, Stripy propozed ?t we walk a:locg Chest&Bum Road; riht hoe. Uot:side #92 loe 4 sturdy wuden chacjrs. Croaw was in need of new chacjrs bcoz the rubysh fm Ikea was worn uot. Stripy took the prebend tu Croaw , and left mee azz gard for 5mnt. 18mnt later sheewz back. The chacjrs a heqfyh, and shee mused ?t we shuld get a kabbog soe ih up for a kabbog. D??z noe riht turn fm Chest&Bum Road soe we h??tu goe left riht and up S+Helen's Concrete. The kabbog waalaa charrjed us 10pkp.
. Stripy propozed beyng dhere 10mnt. We must h?been dhere oqfer 2uors. Stripy & ih walked hoam the kwyke wecj azz we wr tired, we walked on the decent side of the street. In her abode, we talked a fecjr bit. Shee aasked mee tu take the rubysh uot; riht hoe. Loe the fyrst lady:bug on the walwl behind the wicker shelfyth; hurra
a heez a:liqfe & well.
. Prezznt:ly ih sedd Riht, ih h?tu shog off. Stripy s??t sheewz g?tu miss mee. Ih sedd Duzz dhis mean ?t ih shuld fech pylows & blankets: only if ? tu. Ime easyh; wuld dhuow like tu haqfqf mee heer? Cjes; dhis was clear:ly what shee wanted tu secj in the fyrst place. Ih feched the pylows & blankets. Stripy was fasst a:sleep! Ih took the pylows & blankets a dhen came back tu Stripy's flat for tu comport the rubysh. When ih got dhere, iwz too sleepyqx tu doo enfnk soe ih lecj duon wiqf a bottle azz a pylow.

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