Froggo Zijgeb (croak108) wrote,
Froggo Zijgeb


■2010`8`08S___WAND 8AM. SM tu Jinnji @QP10 Ih woke up td wiqf dhee in mygh head. What's up wi dhee? Yz Rich:mond sunnyqx like North Kens`gn? Are the pijjons clamyryng for food? News?!! x x x[]
. 11:52 1 of Pig:Wit's catholic scum frennds hurled an egg at mee. Ih heard it in ïmpact wi the bench dhen the bulk of it was on mygh left truozer; quhite akhkh but at least the ïntended harm dydnt take place. D`was noe1 in the paper:fuck.
. Loe Sally & the prezznt bloke goeyng uot in hyz karr. Ih washed cloathes: the truozers ih wore on 06`6`2010 (it took `t locg!)_ the red deep-pile mat_ plus the zippobag. SM fm Jinnji _16:44:11 When will ih see dhee?[] <`@xt4 Rich:mond yz only a kupl of uors fm heer. Chooz a date. x x x [] `>_16:51:49 Uors![] <`@5p4 Uors! Yz `t code-langwagj for `later td`? Not real:y feasybl: ime busyh wi laund:rye. Or yz it a lamentation `t the jurnyh yz >10mnt? Chooz a date? x[]
. Ih washf the wintyr kote and a belt Stripy dumped r2^^ a:goe. Ih reckon the belt will doo well azz a tie; nu ih shuld term it a beltotie. The belt was seerias:ly frecjed in the middle, and when wash was dunn, it was broken in toow. Loe NF`Neck cymyng back fm a dacj uot; hee felt shattered.
■2010`8`09M NK r\up @11:43: shee aasked whedher ih got the messagj: cjeah dhen ih for:got tu rhicg up, probably bcoz of Pig:Wit; ih told the ïncïdent; NK sedd hee dyde it on purpose for sume reason; 4m33.
. Gauraqf came tu the dowr @MD; ih dydnt remembre `t .we wr dew tu meet up. Md wasnt dhere soe we met up sinj him. Bum`Face opened the secret chambr. Hee left the keecjs wiqf Gauraqf dhen decïded tu take dhem tu the paperagj. Ih sedd Bum`Face yz up tu hyz uzuhal degree of reason. Prezznt:ly hee brought the keecjs back bcoz heewz goeyng for lunch.
. HC r\up @3:25 `t we meet up 1m54. Ih got tu Big:Muck NHG in semi-decent time and heewz in the middst of a dose of coffee. Ih opined `t Big:Muck yz shit , and propozed `t we goe in-stead tu Apostrophe. Ih scuoted it for clozance-time. Loe Fun`Beam, perhaps haqfqfyng been in dhere; greetance and noe moar. And loe Nick O`Greek gg tu Big:Muck. Clozance 6PM, and prezznt:ly we goge dhere. @6 tu Sub:Wecj. We goge back tu Big:Muck soe `t HC kud access the www - hee h``tu look up the Uhecjled Prophets.. Loe Garrï BlaaBlaaBlaa. And we talked in:tu dacj-leuht.
■2010`8`10T 3:20. Ih ate crispogs and plugged in the Samsung jabber-port dhen goge tu AS. Stephen Black`Gear spoke of a bodhdher:sume lunï yclept Lorrcjane, sume of hyz talk suondhyng quhite lunï. A wasp stang him bcoz Lorrcjane the lunï agyted it. Dogs uzed tu bite him bcoz Lorrcjane the lunï agyted dhem. The Brix`n riot 1981 be bcoz Lorrcjane the lunï told dhem [the fylth?] `t heewz g`tu Brix`n when in realityh heewz getyng off at Stock Well. The descriptujon maketh moar sense `n the narration: shee sucketh up when shee wanteth sumog , and yz gruolyqx much of the time.
. Ih collected the jabber-port. SM fm Jinnji 09`8`2010_16:30:23 Soon, bro oqfer and =uherye busyh but let[']s meet soon. Xxx[] SM fm Stripy _00:32:11 Huow are thicgs at Confusion Sq?[] _00:33:40 Gyqf us a calwl if =dhye`e awake[] mc RF @6:51§. Real late ih under:stood the messagj fm Jinnji: [We shuld meet up] soon,=; [mygh] brudhr [yz] oqfer [heer] and=consequhent:ly [ime] =uherye busyh. The lattr part yz sfw.
■2010`8`11W 9:18. Loe Md walk yng a:locg the north calcey; not a good conjunction. Tu the frunt. Loe Md & Kris, and ih arrangjed the nuow well oqfer:dew trip tu the postostow. And we dyde the job r@11. Ih reported the theft of the table fm l`room.
. Tu Earl's Court. @4:54 loe a bloke on shides fitted wi wheels fm West:Bourne Gr in:tu KP Road. Uot:side the station loe Thaleia. We goge tu Dino's munch. LorrOrd shewed up in h`uor and we stecjed till close tu clozance.
. @5t11§ uot:side 96ECRoad SN10CCJ secjled paast mee. At Stan:leyh Concrete loe Garrï BlaaBlaaBlaa. We wr sleepyqx soe we parted companye fecjr:ly soon.

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