Froggo Zijgeb (croak108) wrote,
Froggo Zijgeb

Igh woke up thynkyng about Juliana. Wyrds came in:tu mygh head tHen took shape

. Our love seemed tu be azz serious azz cancer
but igh got less joy than igh got from the dancer
who buggered mee about
dydnt shew up when we wr goeing out.
. You choze tu hang out
with a civil-service punk
the weigh you wr tu mee
reeked wyrse than a skunk.
. Ime in a bad state,
ime feeling dismay,
ime sick tu death of bitches, and
igh wish igh wr gay.
.It could have been good, but it came out bad;
You left mee feeling angry & sad.
Igh had  a real case of emotional itch;
Hey Juliana, you're a mother-fuccan bitch.
::: by Froggo Zijgeb 2016`4`27
Tags: bitch, juliana

  • Error Vulgaris

    Td @6:13PM ih sudden:ly realized summnk: Noe organization on Earth yz performyng Freemasonry right.

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    On Friggog lasst week _2015`9`18_ igh got an urge tu find `Igh Dream of Jeannie` on YouTube. Igh found it m and watchd a load of it at the week-end.…

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